OLA PRAYER from Russ

A Prayer for Ola,
I am writing this with a heavy heart. Monday I received a phone call informing me of the sudden death of a friend. Someone I’ve known for over 40 years, just a few years older than me. With his sudden death and the unexpected death of another in recent weeks that should have had many more years, I’m reminded of just how fragile our lives are. When I see the pictures on the newsletter of the recent accident I realize how close we came to losing another member of the community. By God’s Grace he was able to walk away. The point is none of us know when our earthly lives will be over.
I have a heavy heart because I don’t know what my friends relationship with Jesus was. I am a new enough Christian it is something I never discussed with him or really worried about. I figured that was his personal business. I’ve discovered that it is my business. One of Jesus’ last directives to His disciples was to go into all of the world and spread the Word.
Jesus also said the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself. That is why I write this letter. I love my neighbors and don’t want to see any of them spend eternity separated from God. I would ask everyone to reexamine their relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father and get right with Them. I don’t fear death but I grieve for friends and family that will spend eternity separated from God.
Once before I offered to loan books that have helped me to become a follower of Jesus. The community church also has literature available for anyone that desires to develop a relationship with Christ. These are open ended offers. Don’t wait too long to respond, life is fragile and none of us will live forever in these earthly bodies.
I recently wrote about love. God is love and He wants a relationship with all of us. This is my prayer for Ola.
May God continue to bless this community.


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