Happy Valentine’s Day Ola,

This is the day we celebrate love, what a special day.  I find it hard to love the snow,  rain and mud and the overcast skies, but we are getting much needed snow in the mountains, so maybe I can love this weather too.  I love the fact that we are getting longer days.  I also love watching all the new calves being born this time of year.  Isn’t God’s creation amazing?  Even with all the sloppy conditions we are having these babies survive with help from mom and occasionally an assist from us.  God is Love, not just this time of year on Valentine’s Day but every day no matter the weather or whether we are having a good day or a bad day.  God loves us and wants our love in return.
We are in First Corinthians  in our bible study at church.  Talk about timing, we are discussing chapter 13 where the Apostle Paul tells the church of Cornith what love is.  Read vs. 4-8 in chapter 13 to get a definition of love that is better than any dictionary that I have ever seen.  One of Paul’s definitions of love says that love does not boast and it is not proud.  This is where I have failed.  In my previous letters to this community, the last two, my motivation for writing them wasn’t exactly pure.  The thoughts expressed were done in all sincerity but there was a little bit of pride on my part looking for recognition.  I was seeking recognition instead acknowledging God and giving Him the glory for giving me the words to write.  He gets the glory for anything I write.  Without Him giving me the words nothing makes it to the paper even though I have pen in hand.
I apologize for seeking personal recognition.  In vs. 8 of chapter 13 Paul says that love never fails.  When I focus on God’s Love,  it never does.
See you at the Sweetheart Dinner.


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