Saturday, July 4


Yesterday I listened to an interview with Lee Greenwood, songwriter and recorder of “God Bless The USA”. A very good interview about why he wrote the song and how it has affected people over the years. It pulls at the heart stings of most Americans. This interview brought a tear to my eye, not because of patriotic fervor, but because of sadness. For many of us we are seeing our country slowly slip away from it’s founding principles. We are no longer a God fearing nation, even though this country was founded by men who worshipped God and based a lot of their choices in there belief of God. God did, and has blessed the USA. Today however, as a nation we have slowly turned our back on God. We have taken God out of the public square and restricted his presence to church buildings, and now with the most recent court ruling even churches may be in jeopardy. This is what brought a tear to my eye. Why would God bless this country when this country has turned it’s back on Him? I personally think this is still the greatest nation the world has ever seen and can continue to be if we will turn to God instead of from Him. We are just starting a study of the book of Revelation in on Wednesday evenings at the Ola community church. Anyone interested in what is the future of this world are invited to join in this study.
Happy 4th of July


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