Tuesday, July 28


Today the Commissioners had discussion on the Mass Gathering Ordinance and it was a full house. Thank you for those that came as we were able to have comments with the extra time that was available. From todays discussion we are in favor of having a public meeting to hear comments and suggestion's that you may have on this ordinance. The public meeting will be August 10th at 7 pm in the Emmett City Hall council chambers. You may also send in written comments if you cannot make the meeting or prefer not to speak in front of a crowd. We will need to have your name and address on your letter. From this meeting if we decide to amend or make changes to the ordinance we will then have another public hearing with the proposed changes which will give another opportunity for comment on the ordinance. I will bring the comments that I have received this past week to the meeting. I will also post a reminder as we get close to the date for the public meeting. Thank you for your patience and your comments and we will see you on the 10th. Bill

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