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I am a local coordinator for ETC International Exchange Student Program. Emmett High School has invited us to place two exchange students at the school for the academic year beginning in August. We are seeking host families for them. I would appreciate it if you would mention the need in the community newsletter.

We are particularly interested in placing Anna, a girl from Sweden, who loves horses and riding. She plans to become a doctor. She also says she likes to be around younger children and loves tennis and skiing. Her favorite subjects in school are math, biology and physics.

In addition to Anna, we have many other students from most countries in Europe and from Brazil, Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and other countries. All have been screened for academic ability and maturity. 

Host families are volunteers who provide room and board and exposure to life in America. Students have insurance and spending money. Couples with and without children at home and single women are encouraged to host.

If you know of someone who might be interested in expanding their family's cultural awareness while making a lifelong friend and impacting a student's life, I would like to hear from them; my contact information is below. This is a time sensitive need.

I have attached information about hosting that can be shared with anyone interested.

Thank you,

Glenna Tooman
ETC International Exchange Student Program
PSE Private School Exchange
Southwestern Idaho Coordinator

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