Friday, April 3


Last month I attended a memorial service for a cousin, he wrote his own obituary. The first sentence said “This trail has ended, a little sooner than expected, but none the less ended”. A little later he wrote about starting a new adventure. This simple statement reminded me of what Easter is all about. Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave. In the past year besides my dad I have lost an aunt and an uncle and most recently this cousin. Because of their belief in Jesus as their Savior they all embarked on the “new adventure.” Jesus blazed the trail for this “new adventure” when He defeated death with His resurrection. By accepting Him as our Savior we will all be able to follow Him on this “new adventure”. Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, this Sunday at the Ola Community Church. HAPPY EASTER

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  1. Great , so true , and you Russ have the faith to write about it. Thanks, Jim Amos Joshua 1;9