Thursday, April 23

Delta Dental of Idaho is offering a great opportunity for residents of our district who meet certain qualifications to receive up to $1,250 in free dental care this year. In recent years we’ve learned so much about the connection between oral health and overall health and yet many older adults are without any type of dental insurance and may be forced to forgo dental care. To be eligible for this program, applicants must:
• Reside in Canyon, Gem, Payette or Washington Counties
• Be age 60 – 79
• Be independently mobile and able to travel to dental offices for treatment within 60 days of program acceptance.
Note: participating dentists are available in many communities so long commutes will not be required.
• Provide proof of income (federal income tax return or social security award statement or benefit letter)
• Meet household income limits (see attached application)
• Submit the application and be accepted into the program before May 29, 2015.
Covered services include:
• Cleanings,
• X-rays
• Some root canals
• Stainless steel crowns
• Extractions
• Dentures & denture repairs.

For any questions or an application call 1-866-894-3563.

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