Friday, February 20


Zeb update for Friday 2/20: 

Zeb had a tough night last night after the surgery. He was in a lot of pain. The pain meds would help for awhile but then he would have episodes of apnea which means he would stop breathing. He still is not on a ventilator though.. only because Steph is in there to keep him in line and make him breath when he doesn't want to. He is very blessed to have such an amazing wife by his side and we love her so much for being Zeb's rock!! The good news is that his liver continues to heal itself and even though his lungs are still draining, they put his right chest tube to "water seal" today to see if his lung will stay inflated on it's own. Hopefully it will and then in a few days they can do the same thing to his left side. Please keep the prayers coming....God is AMAZING!!!!!!

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