Wednesday, February 4

SWEET, OLA RESIDENTS We have some great photographers and writers, let's participate in the Messenger Index's Rural Life Gem County Magazine


The Messenger Index's Scene magazine is now ...
Rural Life in Gem County
We are looking for submissions for the yearly magazine. The articles will have word limits. You can submit photographs or arrange for them to be taken by our staff. Submissions will be chosen by the managing editor and edited by the staff. Please send your ideas along with your name, phone number and email to:
The magazine will deadline the end of January.
Articles that do not get chosen to run in the magazine may make it into the newspaper.
Articles: Please stick with the theme.
Do it yourself projects (from those who do them)
Easy projects step by step in four photos. 250 word limit.
Our people - photos and stories
Do you have an interesting or unique individual for a feature story? 300 word limit.
Photo contests - cattle, horses, people, scenes, old barns, kids with animals etc.
Send to: Attention: Rural Life Gem County Magazine
Toys and tractors
Show off Old cars, rebuilt transportation items, tractors or farm implements. With a photo or photo and short story. 250 word limit.
Country kitchen
Recipes and step by step with four photos of how to. One completed. These can be Grandma's secret recipe or a new creative one. 200 word limit.
Garden and landscape
Ideas for the garden or how to landscape areas. Could be how to build a porch swing or repurpose an item. 300 word limit.
Female farmers
Breaking the mold from the traditional male farmer. What are the differences? 300 word limit and two photos.
Country quotes from locals
Short and sweet comments, jokes, sayings ...
The weekend farmer under 20 acres
Either the part-time farmer who works another job or the one who spends the weekends on the farm. Many of these types semi-retired in Montour. 300 word limit and two photos.
All about horses: How to braid a mane, what types of bits are best, saddles, feed, relationships and dos and don'ts you have learned. 250 word limit and photo.
Antiques and crafts
What are some of your most interesting antiques (no names listed) A "What is it" item can keep the readers guessing. We will tell what it is in the magazine. Craft ideas before and after with step by step instructions and photos. 250 word limit and photo.
Local cartoon?
These must have a local icon in the cartoon (ie: water tower, picket's corral, the dam)
High tech farmers
What modern technology is used in planning, planting, growing, or harvesting crops or orchards. 300 word limit and photo.

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