Wednesday, February 18


Just talked to Stephanie and here is what's going on in Florida....Zeb is still in ICU and had a pretty rough night last night. They were having a hard time getting his pain under control and thought they may have to intubate and put him on a ventilator, however, they started him on stronger pain medication and that worked. She said his oxygen saturation went down a lot during the night even with his oxygen on but that is to be expected since he can't take full breaths with all of the broken ribs and pain he's experiencing. His liver function tests are looking good so that means his liver continues to heal itself without the need for surgery. He will be going in for surgery tomorrow to plate his ribs back together and we've been told by a friend who has had this same surgery that the healing time is much better once the repair of the ribs takes place. He still has the chest tubes in both lungs and his lungs are still bleeding at this point. She said Zeb is in good spirits this morning and is trying to keep a positive attitude about everything. Stephanie is doing well and hasn't left Zeb's side. Thank you for your continued prayers and support...we are all truly humbled by the outpouring of love for our family!!

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