Sunday, February 22


Zeb update for Sunday 2/22:
Sorry for the delay in getting an update posted. Steph said Friday night was a good night so yesterday they took the right chest tube out. The lung wasn't quite ready for the tube to be removed and couldn't stay inflated on its own so the tube was replaced this morning, however, they used a somewhat less invasive type tube called a "pigtail" so this is a good thing. His B/P was low yesterday at 95/51 but his hemoglobin was coming up which was good. Today his hemoglobin dipped so he may need a transfusion if it continues to drop and his protein level is half what it needs to be so they will be pushing him to drink protein shakes even if he doesn't want to. If his protein intake is increased then this may take care of the hemoglobin as well. It's all a roller coaster ride right now so please keep Zeb in your prayers because he is not out of the woods yet . Thank you all again so very much for your contributions to the fund...we never could have imagined the amount of generosity and love you have shown to our family!!!! This posted by Klay via gofundme

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