Monday, February 9


“Love means never having to say you are sorry”

That is a famous quote from the 1970 movie “Love Story”.  When Charlene and I saw the movie we were still fairly new to marriage, only a couple of years, and the first one of those I spent overseas.  I thought that was a great saying, some 40 years later I still remember it.
As we get closer to Valentine Day many of us think about love.  According to Hallmark, Valentine Day is the second most popular day for exchanging or giving cards, flowers and candy.  That leads me back to that line “Love means never having to say you are sorry.”  How very wrong can something be?  In the bible it says to recognize Jesus as our Savior, confess our sins, and repent.  In other words say we are sorry.
Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  If we truly love God with the love that Jesus talks about then we will love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  
Seeing as how none of us are perfect we tend to do wrong to those around us.  If we truly love God, then when our wrongs are identified we will have remorse and say we are sorry and seek forgiveness.  As we celebrate this special day think about God’s love for us and do His will by loving our neighbors and seeking forgiveness for any wrong we may have committed by saying we’re sorry.
To set an example, I apologize to anyone that finds what I’ve written offensive.
Loving this community and all of my neighbors near and far.


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