Thursday, February 12

"Love Story" cont.

“Love Story” cont.

I don’t know why my thoughts are so consumed with love.  Maybe because of Valentine Day approaching, the day we celebrate love.  Maybe because we are studying the book of Hebrews in bible study and there are many references to God’s love.  Whatever the reason I ‘m compelled to share these thoughts with you.  Share the joy of knowing God’s love.

God is a loving God.  How could He not be?  He sacrificed His Son to take away our sins and to forgive our transgressions.  The angry God that strikes down sinners and sends them to hell is preached to try and scare us into submission.  God can get angry and has demonstrated His anger in the past and will do so again.  What isn’t preached by these hellfire and damnation sermons is that He gets angry because He loves us.  Just as we get angry with our children when they do wrong.  We want them to do right because we love them.
He isn’t like the terrorists that are so prevalent in our world today.  He doesn’t want to force us into submission.  He knows that even though by all outward appearances we have submitted, our hearts are still rebellious.  When we submit because of love, our whole being submits.  Love is greater than terror and God’s love is the greatest of all.
We all crave love and acceptance.  Surrender to God’s love and be accepted into His loving family.


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