Saturday, February 28


Shortly after 5PM, GCFD2 was toned out for an outbuilding fire at
 19200 Sweet-Ola Highway.
 Crews still on the scene at 6:10PM.
Zeb update for 2/28:

Not long after the update yesterday, we received a text from Stephanie saying the chest tube was being replaced. Zeb had a long night with lots of pain and this morning the pocket had gotten even bigger. A CT scan was done, the tube placed last night was removed and a new tube was put in. It was noted in the CT that he also has a small air pocket around his heart as well. The new tube was placed in his front chest instead of the side. More x-rays will be done later.

Friday, February 27

Zeb update for 2/27:

The left chest tube was removed today. The preliminary chest x-ray looked good, however, when the Dr. went back in and looked at the x-ray on a different computer he noticed a small pocket of blood/fluid (hemothorax). Further x-rays will be done at 8PM and in the AM. If the pocket is still there or is any bigger then a CT scan will be done. Just when we thought things were looking up this morning for a possible discharge tomorrow, the roller coaster took another turn. We are thankful the Dr. double checked the x-rays though because Zeb needs to be ready for the long drive home when the time is right. He is unable to fly due to his lung issues and the problems the change in altitude could cause. Thank you for your continued prayers for Zeb's complete healing!
It was good to see longtime Ola rancher, Homer Nesbitt, at the meeting Friday.


Thursday, February 26

Zeb update for 2/26:

Zeb had a slight setback yesterday so it was a bit of a discouraging day for him. They attempted to place his left chest tube to water seal and he developed a hemothorax which is an accumulation of blood in the lung. They had to place his chest tube to suction again which was a step in the wrong direction:( This morning they are attempting to put him back to water seal so we are praying hard that everything happens the way it is supposed to. If everything works out, then tomorrow they might be able to remove the left chest tube altogether. Stephanie said they are ready to get the heck out of Florida and she is pretty sure she will never be able to talk Zeb into a Florida vacation. Can't blame him there;) Please continue to pray for Zeb's complete healing. We so appreciate all of the love and support everyone has shown for our brother and our entire family and can't even begin to say thank you enough for the generosity put forth in this campaign.

Tuesday, February 24

COOKIES and/or BARS needed for this Friday's "Missing Cattle" meeting. The meeting is at noon.

Zeb update for Tuesday 2/24:

He was able to go outside for about 15 mins on Sunday afternoon...Steph posted a picture on her Facebook page!! He was also moved to a step down transitional unit last night so he is out of the ICU!! Steph said he continues to be in a lot of pain but with the extent of his injuries this is to be expected for awhile. His right chest tube is OUT as of this morning and the Drs are hopeful that the left tube can be removed tomorrow. His blood counts are coming back up as well. So nice to have so much good news this morning!! If all of the x-rays look good, he may be able to be discharged by the end of the week!! Thank you ALL for sending up an abundance of prayer to our Lord for Zeb's healing!! The prayers are definitely being heard and answered!!

Sunday, February 22

To the ladies (and four gentlemen) of the Ola Community  -- thank you for the heartwarming gathering at the Ola Hall to help me celebrate my entrance into the octogenarian decade of  life. 
 What a kind, caring, and generous bunch of human beings you are!  I appreciate and love you all.



Zeb update for Sunday 2/22:
Sorry for the delay in getting an update posted. Steph said Friday night was a good night so yesterday they took the right chest tube out. The lung wasn't quite ready for the tube to be removed and couldn't stay inflated on its own so the tube was replaced this morning, however, they used a somewhat less invasive type tube called a "pigtail" so this is a good thing. His B/P was low yesterday at 95/51 but his hemoglobin was coming up which was good. Today his hemoglobin dipped so he may need a transfusion if it continues to drop and his protein level is half what it needs to be so they will be pushing him to drink protein shakes even if he doesn't want to. If his protein intake is increased then this may take care of the hemoglobin as well. It's all a roller coaster ride right now so please keep Zeb in your prayers because he is not out of the woods yet . Thank you all again so very much for your contributions to the fund...we never could have imagined the amount of generosity and love you have shown to our family!!!! This posted by Klay via gofundme


The American Red cross will be in Ola for blood donations
between 10AM and 2 PM on Thursday, March 12, 2015,
at the Ola Community Center,
21750 Main Street, Ola, Idaho.
To schedule an appointment, call Darlene Mingus at 584-3429. For
questions or information call the American Red Cross at 

Friday, February 20

Sweet-Montour Syringa Club
 8th Annual Spring Flea Market
Friday March 13th 8am - 7pm
Saturday " 14th 9am - 3pm
Sales begin when Door opens at 8 am
Something for everyone - Men Too!!
Hot Dogs and Chili plus Baked Goods
Food Served all Day - Free Coffee
Table Space Available - Dotty at 369-8256
Geat Bargains


Zeb update for Friday 2/20: 

Zeb had a tough night last night after the surgery. He was in a lot of pain. The pain meds would help for awhile but then he would have episodes of apnea which means he would stop breathing. He still is not on a ventilator though.. only because Steph is in there to keep him in line and make him breath when he doesn't want to. He is very blessed to have such an amazing wife by his side and we love her so much for being Zeb's rock!! The good news is that his liver continues to heal itself and even though his lungs are still draining, they put his right chest tube to "water seal" today to see if his lung will stay inflated on it's own. Hopefully it will and then in a few days they can do the same thing to his left side. Please keep the prayers coming....God is AMAZING!!!!!!


12:00-2:00 at the Ola Hall
Saturday, February 21st (tomorrow)
Bring your favorite finger food or
just stop by for a piece of birthday cake
and wish Mary Lee a Happy, happy birthday!

Thursday, February 19


Small black and white dog showed up at a residence in High Valley Road. Thin, no collar, female, perky ears, no tags, not a puppy but not too old. If this dog is yours or if you know who it may belong to, please call 584-3176.


LATEST UPDATE ON ZEB posted by Klay on gofundme.
Zeb is out of surgery and in recovery!! The surgery took about 5 hours. When they got in there they found the fractures to be worse than they initially anticipated. They plated the left side ribs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. He also had damaged cartilage which needed to be repaired with wiring. The Drs told Stephanie they had never seen that much damage. Hopefully now the healing process can begin!!
LATEST UPDATE ON ZEB posted by Klay on gofundme..Zeb went into surgery for plating of his ribs about an hour ago. The surgery will take a minimum of 4 hours. Please keep him and his surgeons and OR crew in your prayers today. We will update again when we know more. Thank you all so much for your love and support!!

Wednesday, February 18


Just talked to Stephanie and here is what's going on in Florida....Zeb is still in ICU and had a pretty rough night last night. They were having a hard time getting his pain under control and thought they may have to intubate and put him on a ventilator, however, they started him on stronger pain medication and that worked. She said his oxygen saturation went down a lot during the night even with his oxygen on but that is to be expected since he can't take full breaths with all of the broken ribs and pain he's experiencing. His liver function tests are looking good so that means his liver continues to heal itself without the need for surgery. He will be going in for surgery tomorrow to plate his ribs back together and we've been told by a friend who has had this same surgery that the healing time is much better once the repair of the ribs takes place. He still has the chest tubes in both lungs and his lungs are still bleeding at this point. She said Zeb is in good spirits this morning and is trying to keep a positive attitude about everything. Stephanie is doing well and hasn't left Zeb's side. Thank you for your continued prayers and support...we are all truly humbled by the outpouring of love for our family!!

Monday, February 16


Zeb Lanham is in critical condition in Florida after a bull riding accident.  An account has been set up to help with a variety of expenses his accident will incur.  Please go to GoFundMe and donate to help Zeb and his family.

Sunday, February 15


This guy really knows how to cook prime rib.  Alan J. did an outstanding job of cooking the meat to everyone's liking.  Thanks Alan!

Our wonderful servers, they made sure that everyone was attended to.  No 5 star restaurant could have provided better service.  Nathan M. (first time server) did a great job.

Everyone enjoyed a a delicious Valentine's Day dinner.  All of the proceeds from ticket sales to this annual event benefit the Ola Library.  Many thanks to the Ola Library board for their hard work in making this a success.  Also thanks to Joy W. for the beautiful, elegant tables.  A single red rose was also added to each of the ladies place settings, this a very special touch.  Thank you to this anonymous community member.

Saturday, February 14


Friday, February 13


Would you like your children involved in 4-H? If so please contact Nathan at 584-3287.


 The tables are set and waiting for their occupants. They are stunning!

Thursday, February 12

"Love Story" cont.

“Love Story” cont.

I don’t know why my thoughts are so consumed with love.  Maybe because of Valentine Day approaching, the day we celebrate love.  Maybe because we are studying the book of Hebrews in bible study and there are many references to God’s love.  Whatever the reason I ‘m compelled to share these thoughts with you.  Share the joy of knowing God’s love.

God is a loving God.  How could He not be?  He sacrificed His Son to take away our sins and to forgive our transgressions.  The angry God that strikes down sinners and sends them to hell is preached to try and scare us into submission.  God can get angry and has demonstrated His anger in the past and will do so again.  What isn’t preached by these hellfire and damnation sermons is that He gets angry because He loves us.  Just as we get angry with our children when they do wrong.  We want them to do right because we love them.
He isn’t like the terrorists that are so prevalent in our world today.  He doesn’t want to force us into submission.  He knows that even though by all outward appearances we have submitted, our hearts are still rebellious.  When we submit because of love, our whole being submits.  Love is greater than terror and God’s love is the greatest of all.
We all crave love and acceptance.  Surrender to God’s love and be accepted into His loving family.


Tuesday, February 10

Community boasts reduction of cattle theft - Emmett Messenger-Index: News

Community boasts reduction of cattle theft - Emmett Messenger-Index: News

If you would like to attend a "Missing Cattle" meeting it will be held. February 27th at noon at the Ola Community Hall. Updates on recent numbers and information will be shared by various agencies.

Monday, February 9


“Love means never having to say you are sorry”

That is a famous quote from the 1970 movie “Love Story”.  When Charlene and I saw the movie we were still fairly new to marriage, only a couple of years, and the first one of those I spent overseas.  I thought that was a great saying, some 40 years later I still remember it.
As we get closer to Valentine Day many of us think about love.  According to Hallmark, Valentine Day is the second most popular day for exchanging or giving cards, flowers and candy.  That leads me back to that line “Love means never having to say you are sorry.”  How very wrong can something be?  In the bible it says to recognize Jesus as our Savior, confess our sins, and repent.  In other words say we are sorry.
Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  If we truly love God with the love that Jesus talks about then we will love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  
Seeing as how none of us are perfect we tend to do wrong to those around us.  If we truly love God, then when our wrongs are identified we will have remorse and say we are sorry and seek forgiveness.  As we celebrate this special day think about God’s love for us and do His will by loving our neighbors and seeking forgiveness for any wrong we may have committed by saying we’re sorry.
To set an example, I apologize to anyone that finds what I’ve written offensive.
Loving this community and all of my neighbors near and far.


Thursday, February 5


At this moment, EMS is trying to locate an address that a "life alert" button was set off.  Luckily it was a false alarm and no one was in danger, however, precious time was wasted because there were no house numbers posted for EMS to identify the residence.  This is so important!! Get those house numbers visible, it could make a difference between life and death.

Wednesday, February 4


A couple of specific articles needed for the Rural Life Gem County Magazine are: Delivering Your Own Colt (I think Merritt Equine should write this one) taking sheep or cattle to the high country and kids activities in a rural community, freedoms etc.

SWEET, OLA RESIDENTS We have some great photographers and writers, let's participate in the Messenger Index's Rural Life Gem County Magazine


The Messenger Index's Scene magazine is now ...
Rural Life in Gem County
We are looking for submissions for the yearly magazine. The articles will have word limits. You can submit photographs or arrange for them to be taken by our staff. Submissions will be chosen by the managing editor and edited by the staff. Please send your ideas along with your name, phone number and email to:
The magazine will deadline the end of January.
Articles that do not get chosen to run in the magazine may make it into the newspaper.
Articles: Please stick with the theme.
Do it yourself projects (from those who do them)
Easy projects step by step in four photos. 250 word limit.
Our people - photos and stories
Do you have an interesting or unique individual for a feature story? 300 word limit.
Photo contests - cattle, horses, people, scenes, old barns, kids with animals etc.
Send to: Attention: Rural Life Gem County Magazine
Toys and tractors
Show off Old cars, rebuilt transportation items, tractors or farm implements. With a photo or photo and short story. 250 word limit.
Country kitchen
Recipes and step by step with four photos of how to. One completed. These can be Grandma's secret recipe or a new creative one. 200 word limit.
Garden and landscape
Ideas for the garden or how to landscape areas. Could be how to build a porch swing or repurpose an item. 300 word limit.
Female farmers
Breaking the mold from the traditional male farmer. What are the differences? 300 word limit and two photos.
Country quotes from locals
Short and sweet comments, jokes, sayings ...
The weekend farmer under 20 acres
Either the part-time farmer who works another job or the one who spends the weekends on the farm. Many of these types semi-retired in Montour. 300 word limit and two photos.
All about horses: How to braid a mane, what types of bits are best, saddles, feed, relationships and dos and don'ts you have learned. 250 word limit and photo.
Antiques and crafts
What are some of your most interesting antiques (no names listed) A "What is it" item can keep the readers guessing. We will tell what it is in the magazine. Craft ideas before and after with step by step instructions and photos. 250 word limit and photo.
Local cartoon?
These must have a local icon in the cartoon (ie: water tower, picket's corral, the dam)
High tech farmers
What modern technology is used in planning, planting, growing, or harvesting crops or orchards. 300 word limit and photo.


Friday, February 27th
Ola Community Hall
Lunch will be served


There are still tickets available for the Sweetheart Dinner. This year it actually falls on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14th. Tickets are $30.00pp and can be purchased from any of the library board members. All proceeds benefit the Ola Library.

Tuesday, February 3


The Ola Community Annual meeting will be this Saturday, February 7th, 7PM at the Ola Hall.  A few of the items on the agenda are church fence, Denny's term is up and Sweetheart Dinner.

Sunday, February 1


The Italian  Dinner last night at the Syringa Hall was well attended.  The large crowd enjoyed delicious lasagne and spaghetti and a wide array of scrumptious desserts.  The donated items for the auction included gravel, backhoe work, quilts, wine baskets, pies and cakes for a year and much more.  Bidding was competitive and entertaining, with prices reaching impressive numbers.  All proceeds go for the much needed repairs to preserve the Syringa Hall.  It was great to see so many from Ola supporting our neighbors to the south.  Not only was the food great but the Syringa Hall looked beautiful, what a charming building!  Thank you Sweet ladies for an enjoyable evening!  If you were unable to attend and would like to donate to the restoration of this beautiful, historic landmark, please let me know, I will get more information for you.