Thursday, January 8


Squaw Butte
What a tribute to the sleeping woman lying along the Payette River north of Emmett her sleeping silhouette served as landmark to the weary pioneers as they traveled along the Oregon Trail and Goodales Cutoff.  There is no other place or name in Gem County that references the American Indian.  This is a tribute to the native people who lived, hunted and meandered here. 
There is a book written in 1643 by then the Governor of Rhode Island concerning language of the Natives that defines squaw as an Indian woman.
Is this name change part of Obama's "Hope and Change" polices and 18 trillion dollar debt?  This name change would take much time and dollars to accomplish.  This non productive attitude is what attributes to America's slow down.  
There is already a "Big Butte" southeast of Arco, Idaho, can you imagine the confusion of a G.PS traveler.
Many of us had family that came here before the turn of the century and still own places on this old mountain.
You may change the name on paper, but the "ole mtn' will always be Squaw Butte to us natives.  This is part of our heritage. 

Thank you, Judge Petrie for clarifying an ambiguous statement.
Tom B.

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