Sunday, January 25


Full hall for the 2015 Cowboy Supper/Chili Cookoff. 

Ola Ladies Club presented a check to the Ola Fire Station Chief.
  This was from the fundraising Firemans Pancake Supper.
Our wonderful judges!  Thank you, Dave, Jodie, Paul and Russ.

Chili Cookoff 1st place winners, Marcelina and Linden.

Congratulations, Shannon on 2nd place.

Robin and Sue tied for 3rd place.  Great job, ladies!

And always a favorite,  Judie.

Tom B. giving his presentation on the history of brands and the importance of them.

Idaho State Brand Inspector, Lynn Gibson speaking on the importance of crisp, clear brands.
  Clean brands help in the speedy recovery of our cattle if lost or stolen.

It was a full Hall last night at the Cowboy Supper/Chili Cook off.  For years the Ola Ladies Club has been holding the Cowboy Supper in January it's just been the past couple of years that they've decided to "spice" it up a bit with the Chili Cook off.  This year they had 11 entries from the community sharing they're own signature chili's.  The judges had a difficult job as all were delicious.  In the end, the judges managed to decide on their favorites, first, second, third and fourths places were awarded.  We did have a couple tied for those places.  The Cowboy Supper is also used as an opportunity for the Ola Ladies Club to present the Ola Fire Station with a check from the fundraising Firemans Pancake supper that was held in November.  After the wonderful meal of chili, cornbread and dessert, we all were rewarded with an informative program by Tom B. and Lynn Gibson the Idaho State Brand Inspector.  Tom gave us the history on brands and branding, while Mr. Gibson shared the importance of crisp, clean brands to help in identifying our cattle.  Fun and full stomaches were had by all.  We need to thank Joy Weaver for the endless hours researching the brands and a big thank you to everyone that made this evening a success.  All of the proceeds will be donated of our Ola School.

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