Tuesday, December 23


On Tuesday, January 6 at 6PM  the Gem Community Comprehensive Plan will be open for public comments. The Gem County and Emmett council will hold a public meeting to discuss revisions to Chapter 7 (Historic and Cultural Resources for Gem County)...Up for discussion..having Squaw Butte referred to as The Big Butte.  This meeting will held at the Gem County Court House.  We love our Squaw Butte, let's attend this meeting and make it perfectly clear that we want her name to stay as it is!!
**I received this information from a FB post

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  1. To whom it may concern regarding a name change for Squaw Butte:
    In this ridiculous politically correct world we never want to offend anyone; we also know that all too frequently the squeaky wheel get the bear grease. Why stop with just one name change in Gem County???
    My ornithology friends are in awe of the beauty and resilience of the Sagehen. The find it offensive that a pond of water up in the hills is named after this magnificent bird which in fact inhabits high deserts not high mountain waters. Change the name of Sagehen Resevoir to Gem County Pond Number 4.

    There is also a campground up at Sagehen called Hollywood campground; I don't think anyone in Gem County wants anything to do with California; change the name to Trout Campground.

    Four Bit Summit has such a cheap connotation associated with it; at least you can increase the value and call it Ten Dollar Mountain--the view is at least worth $9.99.

    There is a town on Idaho Topo maps just north of Ola called GROSS. Would you move to a town called Gross?? It's offensive!! Let's rename that town more appropriately---how about "Despicable"??

    The town of Sweet was named by Ezekial Sweet in 1884 after opening a post office. The U.S. Postal service objected to the length of the name "Squaw Creek Post Office". Zeke suggested: "Let's just call it Sweet--that's short and sweet". Since that time we've had many artificial sweetners on the market so let's give Sweet and upgrade and name it "Aspartame". Michele Obama has had a war on sweets for years now so I'm sure we could get her approval......Since we have the backing of the Obamas we should consider changing the name of Ola to Obama---we already have most of the letters so the change would be minimal. Maybe we could get Air Force One to do a fly over to help with our wolf predation.

    Whomever is proposing these name changes have too much time on their hands; these names have been on our maps for over a hundred years. They should take up legitimate name changes such as the Oregon Beavers and the team from USC ---the Trojans.

    After all, we can't have the Trojans stickin it to the Beavers..............

    Joel Courtial up on Third Fk Road