Monday, December 22


This is really a special time of year. I know many will be celebrating the holiday season or winter
break and not the birthday of Jesus. Whatever this time of year is called or however it is celebrated,
without Jesus being born in a stable over two thousand years ago there would be no holiday season.
I was listening to the Christmas Carol “The Little Drummer Boy” and a thought struck me. We
usually give gifts at a new birth or to celebrate someone’s birthday, but I’m like the “Little Drummer
Boy”, what gift do I have to give worthy of a King? The only thing I could come up with is
myself. Jesus came to die on the cross for our sins so we could gain forgiveness from God. If all I
have to offer the King is myself, that means all of me. That means I can’t hold back by not
forgiving others as God forgave me.
This special time of year becomes more special without the burden of unforgiveness in our hearts. In
truth, life becomes more enjoyable without that burden.
Keep praying for snow in the mountains and a continued strong cattle market.
Merry Christmas

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