Sunday, September 14


Classes for anyone wishing to train to become an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) are being planned.  Training will be conducted by instructors from the Emmett Fire Dept. EMS personnel.  The instructors will host an initial meeting to explain the programs and answer questions.  If you are interested, please contact Rick Barber at 963-1507 or e-mail
Training will require a commitment of both time and money.  About 80 hours of class time will be required for the EMR training and 160 hours for the EMT training.  Costs are abut $600 and $1,200 respectively.  Training will be held once or twice a week (one evening and occasionally on a Saturday) at either the Ola or Sweet fire stations.  

If we can get some people trained, we can get an ambulance assigned to the Ola Fire Station and our community will be able to get much faster response times for any medical emergencies we might have.

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