Tuesday, July 22

To Whom It May Concern,
To all our wonderful friends, family, and neighbors, we want to give all of you a big thank you for your help and support for the Baby Ryder Bennifit. Enough money was raised to get Ryder back to Duke University for treatments and tests. This would not have been possible without everyones help, from local business people who donated items for auction, to everyone who bought a ticket, helped set up and serve a meal, loaned an awning, and anything else to help out.Thank you to all the bands who took time to come up and play great music to dance by. A big thank you to the Sheriff's Posse who sponsered the whole fundraiser, and donated their time to sell tickets. Thank you to the Ola Service for preparing the food and all the work they did. God Bless you all.

All our love and appreciation,
The Poole, McClure, and Fenton families

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