Monday, July 28

13th Annual Emmett's Most Excellent Triathlon

Saturday, August 9th

PLEASE NOTE: Highway 52 will be CLOSED from Triangle to Emmett from 9AM-10:30AM

Friday, July 25

About 30 people attended meeting, at Ola Community Center From Gem Co. 2 Fire and Gem County Sheriff Posse.  Our thanks to St Lukes.....


Justin Poole
Hannah Poole
Cody Poole
Travis Poole
Are all competing in gardening 

Alaina Scott-Dutch oven cooking
Arthur Scott-leather

Gelding found on Third Fork Rd. Noth of Ola. Friendly, beige in color with white on neck, black and white mane and tail and 4 white socks. Please pass the word. 584-9030

Wednesday, July 23


It saddens me to announce the retirement of Dennis Weaver as Ola Station Chief.  Denny has been an integral part of the of Gem County Fire District #2 Ola Station for the past nine years.  His hard work, dedication and commitment to this community are to be admired.  Filling his shoes will be an almost impossible task.


Goats were found safe and are at home!

Tuesday, July 22


If anyone runs across 4 goats, they belong to Marilyn Watson. (Robert Davies old place) on Third Fork Rd.. Darn goats anyways. A lot of people USED to have goats.


The American Red cross will be in Ola for blood donations between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M., Thursday, July 31, 2014, at the Ola Community Center, 21750 Main Street, Ola, Idaho.

Donors are reminded to be sure to drink plenty of fluids the day before and the day of the donation, to wear clothing with sleeves that can easily be rolled above the elbow, eat a high protein meal two hours before and bring photo identification.

To schedule an appointment, call Darlene Mingus at 584-3429.  For questions or information call the American Red Cross at 1-866-236-3276.

Blood donations are in constant need at the American Red Cross. It's the blood on the shelves that can save lives when a disaster strikes!


To Whom It May Concern,
To all our wonderful friends, family, and neighbors, we want to give all of you a big thank you for your help and support for the Baby Ryder Bennifit. Enough money was raised to get Ryder back to Duke University for treatments and tests. This would not have been possible without everyones help, from local business people who donated items for auction, to everyone who bought a ticket, helped set up and serve a meal, loaned an awning, and anything else to help out.Thank you to all the bands who took time to come up and play great music to dance by. A big thank you to the Sheriff's Posse who sponsered the whole fundraiser, and donated their time to sell tickets. Thank you to the Ola Service for preparing the food and all the work they did. God Bless you all.

All our love and appreciation,
The Poole, McClure, and Fenton families
My name is Mallorie Jordan and for my Emmett High School Senior Project I am putting on Christmas In July, a toy drive in partnership with the Emmett Valley Friendship Coalition. All of the toys and money that are brought in through Christmas In July will go towards the Christmas Cheer Program, which provides toys and a holiday meal at Christmas for families in need throughout Gem County. The toy drive will take place on Saturday, July 26th, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in the parking lot of the Kings in Emmett, and I need help from our community in order for this drive to be successful. The age range for toys is 0-12 years old, and I need all the toys I can get. If you would like to help but do not wish to purchase a toy, I will also be accepting monetary donations--all of which will be going directly into the Christmas Cheer Program. All of the toys brought in will be stored away until Christmas and then will be brought out and distributed to families who are unable to buy Christmas presents for their children. I want to be able to give back to this community that has always helped me out, but I can't do it without the help of everyone else. If you could please come by this Saturday and drop off a new toy, or donation, it would make an enormous difference to a little boy or girl this upcoming holiday season. If you have any questions about my drive or would like a copy of my toy idea list you can email me at

Thank you so much for your help and I hope to see you on Saturday!

Mallorie Jordan
Tom and Chisholm


Monday, July 21

Wolf kills dog near Sage Hen - Emmett Messenger-Index: News

Wolf kills dog near Sage Hen - Emmett Messenger-Index: News: A 200 pound white Great Pyrenees dog belonging to a local man was confirmed to have been killed by a wolf according to Wildlife Services State…


Rick Barber (new owner of AnnaBelle's house) has a tree full of ripe or nearly ripe pie cherries.  If you would like some pie cherries, please feel free to come pick.  Rick has a ladder if you don't bring one.  There is no need to go to the house, there is a gate on the road with a chain holding it closed.  Just unwrap the chain and go on in.  The tree is in the corner on the right.  Rick also suggested to bring mosquito spray, he's got some aggressive buggers.

Thanks Rick!!

Saturday, July 19

Just an update, the contractor performed another test strip on the Ola Highway, yesterday July 18, 2014. The test strip went very well, with a different asphalt mix design. This new asphalt is called a Warm Mix Asphalt.  If the test strip passes this time, Idaho Sand & Gravel will start paving main line as soon as Tuesday of next Week.
Please keep in mind that you  could be looking at 15 to 20 minute delays, when traveling the Ola Highway during the paving operation.

Thank you

Neal Capps, Director
Gem County Road Dept.

Thursday, July 17

Trapper, Greg Jones confirmed this morning, that Chisum, Tom's dog was killed by wolves. After Greg was done examining Chis, he was brought down the hill and layed to rest at his favorite place. "Chis" was 11 years old. R.I.P.

Unfortunately, there's not always a happy ending. The body of Tom B.'s "big white dog" was found last night about 4 miles north of the Second Fork gravel pit. My heart goes out to Tom for the lose of his furry friend.

Wednesday, July 16


Nathan Duckworth
2014 All Around Cowboy
Silver State International Rodeo
Winnemucca, NV

West Nile positive mosquitoes found in Sweet - Emmett Messenger-Index: News

West Nile positive mosquitoes found in Sweet - Emmett Messenger-Index: News: Mosquitoes collected in a trap in the Sweet area, outside the Gem County Mosquito Abatement District boundary, have tested positive for West N…


Tom B. has misplaced his "big, white" dog. Tom was riding up NE of the Second Fork gravel pit on Monday. The dog probably wandered off to find shade and didn't hear his ride leave. If you see a big, white dog please let me know. 584-9030. We hope that he eventually makes his way down to Blessinger's corrals.

Monday, July 14

There will be another mosquito meeting on July 22, 7PM, at the Sweet/Montour School. A person from Midvale will be speaking about their own abatement program.


This Saturday is the Ola Ladies Club eat out.  This "no host dinner" will be at 6:00PM at the Sonora Mexican Restaurant in Horseshoe Bend.  If you would like to car pool, please meet at the Ola Hall at 5:00PM. Everyone is invited.  Please R.S.V.P either Judy-584-3546, Joanie-584-3646/860-5252 or Gloria-584-3578 by Thursday evening.

Sonora Mexican Restaurant

Fire activity has increased significantly in the past hour. Unconfirmed reports that two fires have joined. Evacuation is still voluntary (Level 2) on SouthFork Rd. GV Firefighters are on scene doing structure protection while US Forest Service continues to do wildland firefighting. Stay safe!
Photo by Christy Morgan in Crouch


I want to Thank Everyone that came to Ryder McClure Benefit, or if you were part of the ticket sales or you part of the donation box or bank!! I want to Thank all the radio stations that put the news out for the benefit!! We are still talling the total but it was mind blowing!! It is enough to get them back East to see if they can help Ryder!!!!! Thank you, Thank you , God is GREAT!!!!
Fizz!  Boom!  Read! Third Session 
    Giant bubbles floated over Ola on Saturday morning as summer reading participants tested the bubble mix they'd made from water, cornstarch, baking powder, dish-washing detergent,  and a secret ingredient.
    After making bubbles, they went inside for tasting the root beer they made in the first session.  It was deemed a great success by all - popping the corks like champagne, fizzing beautifully, and tasting superb with or without ice cream.
      After the activity the participants turn in their books and check out more to read the following week. 

Saturday, July 12


 Ola's newest resident.  Congratulations to Sarah and James!
 Silent auctions items.

 Street fun in Ola!
 Jim Bier on his way to the dunk tank!
 Relaxing in the shade of the water tender.

Friday, July 11


WAY OUT WEST is premiering on truTV, Monday, July 21st.  Mark your calendars!!  You may recognize some of the scenery in this series.


Amidst the majestic mountains of Idaho, three boisterous, fun-loving families of outfitters have been living, laughing and competing with each other for three generations. Now they're at the center of truTV's brand new series WAY OUT WEST. The Youren, Bullock and Korell families all run rival outfitting businesses, taking clients deep inside the country's last great wilderness for tracking, fishing, rafting, horse riding and camping trips. Follow these three families as they compete to lead the best excursions, survive their various family shenanigans and participate in local festivals and time-honored traditions.

Thursday, July 10



SWDH called to report on the Mosquitos trapped on my place north of Ola. Although there were not many to test, the ones tested came back negative for West Nile. However, a test done on a trap south of Sweet did test positive.

Tuesday, July 8


Bobbie Lichte Bier The Gem County Sheriff Posse will be among those sponsoring the benifit for the Ryder McClure child. Here is why: This infant boy who was diagnosed with Pompe's Disease, has to fly back to Durham, North Carolina to the Duke University for treatment. Pompe's Disease (estimated at 1 in every 40,000 births), inherited and often fatal disorder that disables the heart and skeletal muscles. It is caused by mutations in a gene. We are asking for donation from everyone so that we can send the parents back to North Carolina with their baby. The hospital will take care of the baby's expensives and not the partents. Please help. My understanding is that there is a trust fund set up at the Key Bank on Main St. in Emmett, ID for this child.

Sunday, July 6

Southwest District Health just stopped up and put out a mosquito trap. Although we don't have many mosquitos I thought it would be interesting to find out what kind we have. The black can is filled will dry ice to mimic human breath. It has holes in it so the vapor seeps out attracting the mosquitos. It draws them in then a battery operated fan sucks them into the net. From what I understand SWDH has not been up here this year. I'll keep you posted. They'll pick it up in the AM, then analyze what they caught.


A huge congratulations to Nathan Duckworth for winning first in "All-Around" at the Silver State International Rodeo in Winnemucca, NV.   Nathan's qualifying events were saddle bronc riding and team roping.  A few of the perks of winning are a buckle, new chaps and vest and a saddle.  Nathan's parents, Harry and Susan Duckworth, must be very proud and of course, younger brother Brandon.


 Ola Rough Striders/Relay For Life Independence Day Picnic. Thanks to all that came out on a very hot Saturday and showed their support. All proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Friday, July 4

Thursday, July 3




Sweet EMS and air ambulance respond to injured man. Man from Middleton thrown from his horse north of Ola by Ramage Meadows.  These pictures were taken at Lookout Point/Dodson Pass..