Wednesday, May 14

Ola School students in grades 2 and 3 display books they recently completed as a Library Skills project in which they learned the parts of a book and how a book is published. Children played the roles of author, illustrator and publisher. Each book included an illustrated half-page title page, a two-page title page with title, author, illustrator, and publisher, and a copyright page. Stories written for a school assignment were divided into four parts and typed. Each part became a book page with an illustration.
As publishers, the students sewed the pages, including an end paper, together at the spine with a needle and thread. Next they glued a fabric cover and paper spine to two cardboard cover pieces. The end papers were then glued to the inside of the cardboard covers. Finally, students attached a cover picture with title, author, and illustrator to the front of the book and laminated it with a protective film.
Some students donate their books to the library. The books are entered into the collection, barcoded and shelved. You may check them out to read just like any other book.

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