Wednesday, April 9


 Dorothy Gross Williams, Yvonne Gross Young,
 John Gross, and Clyde Gross,
 family of Vernon Gross donates
 a painting to the Ola Community.
  The painting was painted by Vernon V. Gross in 1967.
Vernon V. Gross
Vernon Gross was born June 13, 1913 at Gross, Idaho.  His parents, Richard H. Gross and Ruth Elizabeth Gross (Cramer) lived in Ola and operated a ranch at Squaw Creek.  His mother was postmistress of the Gross Post Office named in her honor.  Vernon grew up and attended school at Gross and Ola.  He moved to New Plymouth, Idaho in 1949, where he farmed and worked for the Idaho Highway Department.  He moved to Emmett in 1957 where he worked for the Gem County Road Department.  He married Susan Corrigan on June 2, 1962.  He was a member and oast Noble Grand of New Plymouth Lodge No. 83 100F.  Vernon died on March 3, 1979 and is buried at the Ola Cemetery.

This wonderful painting will be displayed at the Ola Community Hall for all to enjoy!
Many thanks to the Gross family!

**the Gross Post Office was located on Third Fork Rd. (across from where Bev and Carol live).  The Gross school was on, the now, Nesbitt Lane it burned down and was then moved to Second Fork where Blessinger corrals are now located.

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