Monday, October 7


Last week there was a meeting regarding the EMS service for the Sweet-Ola area.  Bottom line we need more trained people to be available for the ambulance service.  Training is available for EMT's in Emmett.


If you or someone you know or there is a firefighter within District #2, who would like to attend a formal, in-house EMT course, they will be starting one in January 2013.  Some basic logistics of the course:

Cost $450.00 per person (covers books as well).  To attend over the hill would cost $1500-1700 just for the course, not including mileage and more time away.
Class will run from January 8th through the end of march
Class will be located at the Gem Co. EMS station from 6-10 pm on assigned nights
Class time will be 40-44 hours per month.  Week one W/Th, week two M/W/Th, week three W/Th, etc.
Ride time will be begin in december so that people can start to see if its for them and to get their EMS career on the right track
The individual will pay for the course up front.  They will have until January 10 to pay.  If they stay on for one year, $200 gets returned....if they stay on for two years the remaining $250.00 gets returned.
For more information call Janice @365-3521


Also a plan is in the works to provide EMR training starting soon.  This is an approx. 60 hour course and may be offered on consecutive Saturdays in Sweet and/or Ola.  More information will be available when the plan comes together.

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