Wednesday, October 2


What a find! There are 70 photos included here and I spent too much time reminiscing about them.
Who would have thought that #26, the tiny town of Cascade, Idaho where  David and I lived after our honeymoon
in June, 1954,would be there. He worked for Boise Payette in the mill and we lived in a company house, back 
of the railway tracks and across from a small park. Milk was delivered in glass bottles to our porch! Then #27,  the 
very next picture is Old Freeze Out Hill Road. A series of 'S' curves into the valley where I lived from 1934 to 1954.
After we left, a new straighter road was built, faster, and safer in the winter. (The old road was more fun with
"opportunity corners" for dating couples with the bench seats in cars.  Just think, the younger generation grew up
with seat belts and bucket seats!
I also spent a little time looking at #17. the dinner table has a glass gallon jar of milk on it-that's what we used too,
only for the table we did serve it in a pitcher. Also the 5# Karo syrup bucket brought back memories.
If you were poor you didn't need to purchase the newspaper. #6 displayed the headlines in the window!
And would you believe, I am going to Google Starch Factory in Maine to see what I can learn. Notice #5--all those
wooden barrels. I have to find out more. (Corn starch, or laundry starch?) Was it in the barrels, how did it get there?
And growing up in Emmett where the Union Pacific trains brought logs for the saw mill and hauled lumber away, the
Chicago train switching yards are something else. They took pretty good brain work to get everything on the right track.
Enough of my thoughts. The "Good Old Days" really weren't all bad. But we slept well at night, realizing the next day
would be a full one.
Take care dear computer friends. Make a memory. Whether it is a story to share to loved ones or a digital image, 
Just DO IT!
The pictures are so clear and the color is so vibrant, it looks as though they were taken just yesterday.

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