Friday, September 27

Saturday, October 5th
Ola Community Hall
Dinner, dancing and auction

Pat and Tina Sweeney made their home in Ola about eight years ago.  Pat is quite a neighborly man.  Tina always has a crocheted afghan to donate to benefits.

Pat was informed that he was a cancer victim about two years ago.  He is currently taking shots every three weeks along with many other medicines. 

Pat is a man who knows no stranger.  He is a man that will do anything to help ANYONE who needs assistance.  You don’t have to ask Pat for help.  If knows you need some kind of help, he is right there to help you.  And it doesn’t make any difference if he knows you or if you are someone passing through.  If Pat knows you are in need of some item, he will try to help you find it or if he has it, he will either lend it to you. 
If you have something that needs repairing, he will help you repair it or build the part needed to fix it.
Oh yes, Pat is a very handy man.  If he doesn’t know how to fix something, he will think about it until he comes up with a workable solution.
Pat has long been known for his horsemanship; and of course, he is a heck of a good cowboy.  In the spring, he has his horse loaded to go to any branding he can find.
Pat is from the old school.  His word is better than a notarized signature.  He certainly believes in helping others.  He is a kind man.  He is a generous man.  He is a hard worker.

Thanks Joyce B. for submitting this bio on Pat.

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