Monday, August 5


Dear Community,
The Ola School is having trouble with vandalism this summer.  Earlier, the storage shed was broken into and many props from our costume department were broken and scattered over the school grounds.  Today I came to school and found that some one had gone through our gardens, picked our not- yet ripe vegetables, gathered them in a crate and threw them all over the grounds and the library steps and porch. Our milkweed pods that we would be using for science have all been destroyed.  This happened between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. The Ola School grounds have been left open to the public because there have been no problems. Please make sure children and relative's children are supervised so that we do not need to take more strenuous measures.
With Respect,
Mrs. Davis

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  1. A trail cam game camera mounted inconspicuously would quickly identify the perpetrators.