Thursday, January 31

Saturday, February 2nd the Syringa Ladies Club will be having their Italian Dinner Night from 6:30-8:30 at the Syringa Hall in Sweet. The food is always delicious!! Mark your calendars.
An Ola eagle. Thanks Dale for sharing!

Sunday, January 27

Also last night, Joy, Ola Ladies Club President, presented Dennis Weaver, Ola Fire Department a check for $600.00. The money was raised from the Pancake Supper fundraiser.

Here are a few more pictures of the Saturday night Cowboy Supper. The Ola Community Center was full with friends and neighbors visiting and having a good time. A big thanks to the Ola Ladies Club for the good food and to Tom for a great program, the BraveHearts and to the artists. I hope we can do this again!


The Cowboy Supper was a success! We had a great turnout. Several people brought saddles, old branding irons, bits and other items to display. The Bravehearts played throughout the evening, good ol' country music. A full evening of poetry, music, art, food, history and to finish it off dancing. 

Thursday, January 24


Wednesday, January 23

Defrosting Gem County’s COLD CASES - Emmett Messenger-Index: News

Defrosting Gem County’s COLD CASES - Emmett Messenger-Index: News

Today, some members of the Ola Ladies Club enjoyed lunch hosted by the Horseshoe Bend Ladies Club. We had a wonderful lunch of delicious soups, sandwiches and of course, desserts. Thank you Horseshoe Bend Ladies for a delightful afternoon.

Monday, January 21

If you only knew how true this is at my house! Thanks Marilyn for sharing, it made Marvin and I laugh.

Saturday, January 19

The Ola Community Newsletter is on Facebook.  Just click HERE to access the FB page.  The news isn't any different but the comments are sometimes fun to read. 
We have some new book reviews on our Ola Library page, check them out HERE.
Don't forget we have the Ola Community Calendar, as you scroll down on the right of the Newsletter you can find it or check it out HERE.  It's a good deal if you plan in advance and don't want to miss any of Ola's events.

Line dance is scheduled again on Monday --9:30 for make-up and beginners. 10:30 for regular class participants.


Tickets are on sale now for the Ola Library Sweetheart Dinner!!! The Sweetheart Dinner will be held on February 16th at the Ola Community Center with the social hour beginning at 6:00PM. Tickets are $25.00 per person and need to purchased by February 9th. Please contact Rita @ 584-9333, Linda @ 584-3176 or Judy @ 584-3546 for your tickets. All proceeds benefit the Ola Library. Tickets sell out fast so call now!

Thursday, January 17

The Bureau of Land Management is looking for wildland firefighters for this coming fire season.  If you are interested check out their site HERE


Saturday, February 2nd will be the Sweet Syringa Club's Italian supper at the Syringa Hall in Sweet. Delicious food!!! I'll post more information soon.

Tuesday, January 15

Outgoing Gem County Commission Chairman Sharon Church Pratt administered the oath of office to newly elected officials.
Gem County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Linville;
Gem County Sheriff Chuck Rolland;
Gem County Assessor Rick Johnston;
Gem County Commissioner District 3 Mark Rekow;
Gem County Commissioner District 1 Carlos Bilbao.
Bilbao was also elected as the commissioner chairman at the commissioners first meeting.

Monday, January 14


Have you VOTED for the Pet Adoption League-Emmett-ID TODAY for the Shelter+ Challenge by The Animal Rescue Site?

No? Vote here, it will only take a minute! You can VOTE everyday up until April 28th.

Washington lawmaker to propose moving wolves near supporters |

Washington lawmaker to propose moving wolves near supporters |


GCFD#2 Sweet is responding to a structure fire on Darnell Lane, Sweet. GCFD#1 is sending a couple of trucks. Ola is on standby. ****The Ola Statiion has been released from "standby". Sweet has the situation under control. 3:50PM


  • First Class 1 ounce envelopes will increase from $0.45 to $0.46
  • First Class 2 ounce envelopes will increase from $0.65 to $0.66
  • First Class 3 ounce envelopes will increase from $0.85 to $0.86
  • Postcard rates will increase from $0.32 to $0.33
  • Priority Mail will increase from $5.15 to $5.60
  • Express Mail will increase from $18.95 to $19.95
  • International Mail will increase from $1.05 to $1.10


The Ola Ladies Club meeting is this Saturday at 10:00AM.  This is an important meeting so please try to attend.  Items that will be discussed are the OLC quilt and the upcoming Cowboy Supper. 

 The Ola Ladies have been invited to the Horseshoe Bend Ladies Club luncheon on Wednesday, January 23rd.  The luncheon begins at 11:30AM at the Horseshoe Bend Ladies Club Hall.  Please R.S.V.P. with Joy at 584-9030.  If you would like to carpool, please meet at our Hall by 10:30AM.

Sunday, January 13

The Ola Library will be open this Wednesday and Saturday but closed Friday.


Line dance class will be 9:30-11.30 tomorrow. We'll have catch-up class from 9:30-10:30, regular class 10:30-11:30. Regular class participants are welcome to join us at 9:30, come at the usual time of 10:00, or wait until 10:30.

Saturday, January 12


Gem County, Idaho Again, Ola resident, Nathan McClure, achieves success again!!! Any other parents or young adults that would like to share your successes, please let us know and we shall share with everyone as well. Congrats Nathan!
Nathan McClure Did very well today at BPA regionals! Placed 1st in entrepreneurship! An 6th in economics open event. And to boot even won a drawing prize iTunes gift card!! Made a lot of great friends and was the only one their from my chapter so the New Plymouth BPA chapter adopted me!! Thank you lord for such a great day!


If anyone is excepting a package from UPS, check the Ola Inn. Apparently the UPS driver didn't want to tackle Third Fork this past week.

Friday, January 11


Tuesday, January 8

We'll miss you. Thank you for your service to Ola and all of Gem County!


Gem County Fire District #1 has a new website.  Check it out HERE.

Monday, January 7

Sunday, January 6



    Line dance lessons will resume tomorrow.  We'll review all the old dances and begin a new one that I think everyone will like.      Also, I've been wondering --- since some of you have missed a few classes if you'd be interested in having a catch-up class at 9:30 - 10:30 and the regular class 10:30 - 11:30. MaryLee

Saturday, January 5


The following are the "missing cattle" numbers for the past three years:

2010---200 Cows
---------104 Calves
----------25 Yearlings
------------7 Bulls
Total       336 

2011----97 Cows
---------74 Calves
---------25 Yearlings
-----------7 Bulls
Total      205

2012----65 Cows
----------57 Calves
----------15 Yearlings
------------3 Bulls
Total       140

Due to the extra surveillance of the Gem County Sheriff's Department, the watchful eye of the Idaho State Brand Inspector and check points at the Triangle, these numbers are down considerably.  We can also attribute these lower numbers to the increased number of "wolf kills" by FWS, ranchers and hunters.  Our concerned citizens and the roving eye of the community also help in these decreased numbers.  Keep up the good work!!

Thursday, January 3

This is how the New Year has started off for Brad Ford. Coming down High Valley Road, just past Skunk Road, his truck slid and rolled down an embankment. Happy to say that no one was hurt!
Thanks Alan for the pics.
This was added by Brad on the FB page: This is why you should use your4wheel drive,,,,(if you have or) even when going down hill,I did not have it ingaged,taped my brakes---- and it started into a slide,I was not going fast but with iout4x4 I was not able to pull back staight ,in this same spot I have watched personally2 other rigs go over over ,,soo I am at blame for not taking more caution,BUT I KNOW GOD WAS SITTING IN THE SEAT RIGHT BESIDE ME..2&1/2turns and slamed into that solid ol pine bending the frame around that ol tree I climed out of the upper window my faithful dog Raymon waiting and wondering what happened(RAMON was on the flatbed) me,,,,well I was very lucky only a scratch or two over my nose,,,,,some nice people stopped and picked me and Raymon up,I rip my hat to man above,,,,THANK YOU GOD


Saturday, January 26th Ola will be having it's annual Cowboy Supper. This year in conjunction with the supper the Idaho Buckaroo Project will be at the Ola Hall. There will be poetry, artists, music etc. This sounds like a fun evening!! I will be posting more info soon. Questions on what the Idaho Buckaroo Project is and what they do....Click HERE

Wednesday, January 2


It's cold and gloomy outside, sit down and read a good book!  The Ola Library page has some great reviews of books available at the library.