Wednesday, October 10


Hi, Wanted to let everybody know I install a RAWS Station, (Remote Automated Weather Sensor) in Ola at the school. It transmits hourly on GMT time which is 7 hrs ahead of local time. To find it, go to “ROMAN RAWS”, scroll down to ID, the name of the station is “Boise Portable 1, Marrie”. Most of it is easy to read. Under ‘Wind”, that tells the direction and level speed. A reading might be “2801”, which means 280 is the direction and 1 is the level speed of the wind. Under “Peak Wind”, it might read something like “21G10” , That means the station counted the highest gusts of wind at 10 mph, 21 times. The “Fuel Temp and Fuel Moist” is a ½ inch stick that measures the temp and moisture of the fuels on the ground, something Firefighters like to know. “SR” is the intensity of the sun. In the summer it can get into the 1000s, this time of year it stays low, on a foggy day it might get close to 100. Another station of interest for the area is “Pine Creek” . It is located above Ola and High Valley just inside the timber. ( there is a Pine Creek Pass, but it’s located up north) Any question I’ll be happy to answer, or Mrs. Blackford has a good run down on the stations I set up, maintain, and how to read them. Thanks, M. Becktold

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