Friday, September 21


by KTVB.COM KTVB.COM Posted on September 21, 2012 at 3:38 PM Updated today at 3:49 PM Gallery . See all 3 photos » EMMETT, Idaho -- A Gem County hunter and his son captured several dramatic photos of a wildfire that raced out of control Thursday, nearly burning a home east of Emmett. Neil Fulton was hunting near Montour, Idaho, when he spotted the smoke and flames. Fulton emailed us with the photos he captured. "My son and I were hunting up there and [we had] seen the fires and lots of smoke," Fulton said. "We were having trouble breathing, and got out of that area as we thought we would have a hard time getting out of there soon." Gem County firefighters along with Bureau of Land Management fire crews responded to the blaze. BLM Spokesperson Mallory Eils said her agency provided two fire engines, a bulldozer, and two helicopters. Eils says about 140 acres were burned. Fulton said he and his son "pray that the guy's house in the picture is ok," and added "he was yelling hard at everybody for help." Officials say no homes or buildings were burned in the fire.

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