Monday, September 3


In the early summer of 2011, the association rider with his pickup and horse trailer slid off the road that goes from 2nd Fork to the association cabin.  It was determined by the forest service that the road was a safety hazard and needed to be fixed.

Tom Blessinger and Ken Rutherford, association members, met with Robert "Smitty" Smith, Forest Service engineer at the road site.  Smitty figured what needed to be done, amount of the pit run and road mix needed, size of culvert, etc.

It was decided that the Forest Service would hire Denny Weaver to install the culvert, the association would supply the culvert, and the forest service would grade road and after road had gravel put on it, they would grade the road again.  Pat Carlock, association member, furnished a gravel truck, the association hired Denny Weaver to haul the gravel.  The association paid Jeff Carlock to drive Pat's truck and the association bought the fuel for the company truck.  Another cooperative move was to trade county gravel for forest service gravel.  Gravel was taken out of the county pit which was a savings of several miles. 
It is amazing what can be accomplished with cooperation.

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