Thursday, July 12


You remember Ollie, the big, white dog that made Ola his home a couple of years ago. He's still healthy and happy. Although Ollie had always enjoyed the company of the cattle around Perkins Lane/Holbrook Lane, this past winter he became particularly attached to Carlock's cattle.  Mike S. was feeding him twice a day as he had done for the past year or so.  Last spring (2011) Ollie stayed behind with a couple of yearlings that Pat C. left when he moved the rest of the herd to summer pasture. Ollie was really happy with that arrangement until this year. Towards the end of May,  Pat C. drove the herd to Timber Flat for spring grazing, Ollie went with. People that saw the cattle
go through town said that Ollie was so happy to be with  the (his) herd.  It took Mike S. a couple of days to establish a new feeding routine for Ollie on Timber Flat but he was being fed and healthy and happy.  That brings us to about a month ago, time for the cattle to be moved to greener pasture, High Valley.  Again, Ollie went with his herd, happy to be doing his job. This time it took about a week for Mike S. and Ollie to reconnect..  Ollie is still being fed, although not twice a day, he's is good shape thanks to Mike S.  The cattle will come home in October and I'm sure Ollie will be with them.

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