Saturday, March 24


A special thanks and appreciation to the Ola Ladies Club and the Ola Community for the use of their Community Hall for our "Missing Cattle" meeting.

An enjoyable and informative presentation was given by Greg Hansen (trapper) with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on wolves, their habits and how to identify wolf kills.

Thanks to Dr. Fredricksen and Ric Clay for their presentation on poisonous plants and salt and mineral supplementation.

Last but not least, a special thanks to Larry Hayhurst, Chief Brand Inspector for the State of Idaho and Lynn Gibson and Cibrena Wright, area brand inspectors and Chuck Rolland, Gem County Sheriff, for their presentations on arrests, what to look for and other incidents.

Again, thanks to the Ola Ladies Club for the coffee, punch and cookies that they provided.  Also to Ken Rutherford and Simplot Livestock for their monetary contribution.

Thanks to the ranchers and community citizens who attended and who help make the public awareness possible.  Since the 2011 meeting, the livestock losses have been cut in half.  Still too many-Let's do better.

Tom Blessinger

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