Friday, March 2

Dear Community,
     Ola School would like to invite you to participate in our Science Fair on March 23rd at the Ola Community Hall at 7:00pm.  Our theme this year is "Rube Goldberg Inventions - How Simple Machines Work" 
     Rube Goldberg cartoons were known for making simple activities very complicated using the six components of simple machines - the lever, the screw, wheel and axle, pulley, and the wedge.
     Check out these websites to find some fun ideas.  and 
If Rube Goldberg Inventions just aren't for you, you are welcome to bring any project or collection to share with all of us.
For more information, please call me at school 584-3589 or home 861-7009.  email
We hope to see you there!  Mrs. Davis

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