Monday, February 6


We would like to personally thank the Ola Ladies Club for their outstanding accomplishments and successes that they have achieved for the Ola, Idaho community since 1933.

Ola, Idaho may be a small rural community, but the women's achievements are a hundred fold of much larger towns.

Some of their accomplishments are:  getting a grant to drill a new well and fix the kitchen for the Community Hall, new roof for the church, school, new siding for the church, books for the school and library, computers for the school, and fire district needs just to name a few.

In the event of a funeral, the bereaved families know that they  can gather at the Community Hall with a "spread fit for a King".  The women also put on benefits to aid in expenses incurred during illness or losses.

The food provided: main courses, salads and desserts would rival any "five star restaurant".

These women have worked together so long and often that their participation is like a "well greased machine".  Their food preparation and the serving of such is very professional, proficient and fast.

Thank you ladies for your service to the Ola Community.

Our hats off to you.

Tom Blessinger
Sue Miche

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