Tuesday, January 17


The 2011 cattle loss inventory has been totaled. The areas that the livestock were in was Squaw Creek drainage, Dry Buck, Brownlee areas, Tripod, Crane Creek, Indian Mountain, West Mountain and High Valley areas.

The losses were about half of 2010 losses, better, but still not good. There were 97 cows, 74 calves, 9 bulls and 25 heifers reported missing.

These figures to be estimated at:
97 cows @ $1500/cow=$145,500
74 calves @ $800/calf=$59,200
9 bulls @. $2000/bull=$18,000
25 heifers @ $1000/heifer=$25,000
TOTAL. $244,700

$250,000 at today's prices

The 2011 fall was good with little snow or rain. The feed situation was excellent with lots of dry feed with an understory of 3" of green grass. The livestock were reluctant to come in or down. Inclement weather and shortage of forage make cattle go towards home.

We attribute the reduction in livestock losses to the awareness of the ranchers, law enforcement officers, brand inspectors, Idaho State Police, Department of Transportation, concerned citizens and informative public meetings.

The state of the economy, job losses and the high price of livestock make rustling attractive.

Everyone keep up the awareness and let's make the losses drop again.

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