Friday, January 27


To the Ola Ladies Club, the Syringa Club and everyone that made and brought all the good food and to those that helped serve, thank you.  Many thanks to the ones that collected the many nice items for the silent auction and the ones that worked so hard at getting the auction setup and ready.  Thanks to Bob Lucas for doing a great job at taking care of the gun raffle and selling tickets last Saturday.  It was a great raffle and brought in about $1,300 for Bill and Barb.  Thank you Michelle and Aaron of Triangle Inn for donating the gun.  Thanks to Bob Hartgrove for collecting the money and donations at the door.  A big thank you to everyone that brought and donated items for the auction and to all the lucky ones with the winning bids.  Thanks to our local firemen for moving the fire trucks out, moving tables, chairs etc. from the Community Center and setting them up at the Fire Station and then of course moving them all back.  John and Tracy of the Ola Inn, thanks for carrying on into the night to benefit this Fundraiser for Bill and Barb.  Cannot say "Thanks" enough to the great community's in our area and for the people that are always there for each other when there is a need.  Thanks to all of you , the Fundraiser was a big success.

Joy Weaver

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