Sunday, December 18


The Ola Community Christmas Program was wonderful.  Ola has much talent in the musicians and readers to the beautiful children.  The Ola ladies Club presented the Ola School with a check for $800.00 in lieu of the ladies gift exchange. Thank you ladies.  The children played to a full house. From the kindergartens to the sixth graders the cast spoke their lines and sang with smiles on their faces.  The kids  were all dressed up for Christmas with the girls in dresses and the boys in dress shirts and ties. It is always a joy to notice how much they have grown since the previous program. A highlight of the program is always the reading of birth of Jesus and the children placing the figurines in the Nativity scene.  We all sang Christmas song and carols and awaited the arrival of Santa who made sure that everyone who was good received a goodie bag.  Sharon Sutton won the P.T.O. dinner basket raffle.  A fun time was had by all.  Thank you to the Ola School staff and the wonderful people of Ola for this  gift to our community.

Thanks to my photographer and reporter for covering for me!

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