Thursday, October 27


State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Luna, visited schools in Emmett School District Tuesday, October 25.
  Included in his itinerary were the Sweet-Montour School and the Ola School and Ola Library.  Mr. Luna has made it an annual practice since his first term as state superintendent in 2007 to visit schools throughout Idaho. He talks to teachers and administrators about what they are doing that is new and innovative in educating the young people of the state.  He listens to and takes note of any concerns they may have, as well.
    Mrs. Davis shared with Mr. Luna the solar panel which provides power to the school, the raised-bed gardens, skyping with a partner school in New Zealand, and the school's certified wildlife habitat irrigated with drip irrigation, She showed Mr. Luna the Ola Library and talked of its activities in support of the school. 

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