Monday, August 15

The Ola Library would like to thank all the people
who supported the library's 2 book and yard sales.
Besides the Sweetheart Dinner, this is our only
way of raising extra money for the library to run.
Judie would also like to thank the board members
for all their hard work in setting up at the Montour
Country Store, Harry McCaulou and Gary Rau for the use
of their pickup trucks for loading, unloading, and hauling
all those books, Joanie Leyba for helping out Sunday morning
in my absence, and thanks to Amanda Schmitt for helping
Grandma Judie haul and unload the leftover items.  Thank you
Montour Country Store for setting this up and being such
gracious hosts.

Judie McCaulou, board chairman
Linda Rau, vice chairman
Reeta Farr, treasurer
Tia Andelin, clerk
Shannon Miller, trustee
Mary Lee Blackford, librarian

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  1. I believe the annual gun raffle also raises a considerable amount for the library.