Tuesday, June 21


We are having our community service project on Wednesday, June 22nd. We will be meeting at the hall at 10:30a.m. It would be very helpful and appreciated of the parents who could be there to help guide the kids in this project. These are the areas in which we will be working : Library sign; the Hall sign; library & school; cemetary; church sign; Post Office; Ola Inn. The kids will be doing hanging baskets and flower containers, there is a total of 4 containers and hanging baskets ( so far). We will need someone to haul dirt to put around the library sign. Also if you can help your kids to gather rocks ( between 6 - 12 inches) to go around the library sign that would be very helpful. 
Please call Diane @ 584-3734 or Geri @ 584- 3682 to sign up in the area you would like to help with, or for any questions.

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