Wednesday, March 16


Hello Team,

We are moving right along with our activities and financial goals.
Blane has turned in $70.00. Good job! Each team member has a goal of $100.00.
Shanti suggested that we recycle aluminum cans. Alan Sutton said that we can place a collection container at the transfer station. So save your aluminum.

We will have a table at the Syringa Flea Market, the 25th and 26st, now it's time to start gathering our items. If you want a set price be sure to mark the item, otherwise we will let people barter at the time of the sale. Set up is Thursday, the 24th from 9:AM to 3:PM. If you would like to help set up or haul items down, please do. We will also have a donation container at the sale. If anyone else would like to sell please contact me.

We have ten team members that have registered on line. I encourage the rest of you to get with it and sign up. Once we have the flea market money those of you that have worked for the team in any way will have some of that money applied to your goals. If you reach your goal of $100.00 you will receive your Relay For Life T-shirt free of charge.

Dora and I were very heartened by the number of you that showed up for our first team meeting. Your enthusiasm was great and your ideas were wonderful. Let us keep up the spirit.

Mark your calendars. The next team meeting is May 7th at 10:am at the Inn.

Thank you!

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