Monday, March 7


Gem County Fire District #2 is celebrating the award of two FEMA grants. The first is for a new fire truck in the amount of $225,000. The second grant in the amount of $178,000, is for personal protection equipment which includes new turnouts and self contained breathing apparatus for each volunteer, also included will be a compressor and a cascade system to fill the oxygen cylinders. The fire district is required to pay a 10% match, or about $40,000 to receive the grants, which is considered a good investment for the return we receive.

The fire district also received a HUD Block Grant for $319,000 for the Sweet-Montour fire station which will be built on the land the Hartgrove family donated south of Sweet at Butte Rd. The Sweet, Ola and Montour communities are raising funds to help cover the match money and extra necessities for the station that the funding will not cover. ALL SUPPORT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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