Wednesday, February 9


Our phone call came in from dispatch at 4:45am yesterday morning to meet with the police at Wild Willys in Emmett. Jim (Chief of the Gem County Sheriffs Posse), me and Bev Martin were off in minutes. When we arrived at Wild Willys, we were guided by Sheriff Rolland to the home on Hee Creek Dr. where we met with the other sheriff members. We did go door to door and I did a lot of driving clear over to Sunset and even Black Canyon Hwy ( it was O Dark Thirty by then). By 9AM we met at the LDS church where a lot of volunteers came for help. We all divided into groups in which Jim headed group #2. We did a lot of walking, checking with neighbors, looking into backyards, sheds, etc. We kept a log with every volunteer,s name on it. It was one of our members along with her husband that took to putting on their river gear when all of a sudden, she saw the boy and ran over to hug him and tell him that we were all worried about him, remember he is autistic. He was a very sweet boy and just kept walking all night long. He was cold but was fine. The ambulance came to check him out, then I believe he was reunited with his father. It was a long and tiresome day. Jim, Me, and Bev returned to Ola at approx. 5:30PM The boy was found somewhere between 2 to 3 pm. I don't think we have put so many miles on the bottom of our soles since the "Mushroom Hunter". We thank the good Lord, that this child was ok.All of us were fed well, plenty of water, and the church took out chairs for all that were tired to sit on. Walking in groups, for as long as we all did, we know it was a job well done by all.Bobbie BierSec/Treas.G.C.S.P.

Thank you Bobbie. We all appreciate the work you do!

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