Sunday, March 21


For those of you that were unable to attend last night's meeting and pot luck here is a recap.

The potluck was terrific, lots of salads, casseroles and desserts. Everyone was well fed before the meeting started. The meeting was brought to order by Harry. Both Harry and Judi were re-elected to the board as their terms were up this year. Bill's term is up next year with Denny's up in 2012. The Hall restoration was discussed, money left over from the grant and the work that is left to do, floors and wainscoting and sealing the cement patio. With the park drying out, the work will start, sprinkler system and fill dirt to level it out. A good portion of the time was spent discussing the dire need for church siding. As we all know, the south side of the church is in bad shape and something has to be done soon. Bill and Gloria had names of different siding companies that could do the work. Gloria is checking if there are any grants available, however, that process is long and the work should be done this year. Money, of course, is an issue, so if you could possibly help, donations for the new siding would be greatly appreciated. We really want to save our church. It's lasted 100 years, in order for it to last another 100 we have to take care of it. Checks can be made payable to: Ola Community Church Restoration and given to Judi. Thank you so very much!!!

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