Friday, July 24


I now know what Huckleberry picking is all about. It's getting together with good friends, having a nice picnic, enjoying the cooler temperatures and picking some berries.

Friday AM, a few of us got together and went Huckleberry picking. Thanks to Pat and Shannon for sharing the location of their secret spot, which yielded lots of berries. It was fun listening to everyone talk about what they like to do with their berries. Pies, pancakes, pudding, muffins and jam, it seems the sky is the limit. It was a good time!

Monday, July 20


The Ola Ladies that attended the weekend retreat in Stanley, returned home safely last night. It sounds like everyone had a great time and enjoyed each others company. It's great to have you home and it's nice to have my walking partners back.

Tuesday, July 7


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