Tuesday, August 25


The County Commissioners were at the Hall last night to meet with the Ola residents. Attendance by the community wasn't great, but for those of us that were there it was well worth our while. The Commissioners brought with them a person from Health and Welfare and an Environmental Health Specialist. Both spoke about the minerals and toxins that can be found in our wells, toxicity levels and the areas of which they are most concerned. They provided information, along with sample bottles so that we can get our water tested. Jim, the well driller, was present. It was interesting to hear him discuss the different levels of soil, rock, minerals etc. encountered when digging a well. As far as anything new....Alvin Davis is now working in Emmett and was replaced by Roger Walker, and there was some discussion about doing something with High Valley Road (so much dust) but due to cost, that's not likely. We appreciate our Commissioners, and thank them for coming up to Ola.

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